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Friday, 5 October 2018

Five Little Ducks

'Five Little Ducks' is a story and song about a mother duck who loses her baby ducks. It's a wonderful story to talk about feelings and explore numbers. It's amazing how well the children can subtract the number of ducks as they get lost, one by one
We have also been learning about the sound of the letter 'Aa'. Thank you for those who sent an item that starts with that sound. Next week it would be nice if the children can bring something that starts with the sound 'Bb'. Apples start with an "a" and this week we looked inside an apple, talked about where apples come from and we made apple crumble, which the children took home to show you on Friday.
 We also explored the shape rectangle through cutting, construction and stamping.

We have also celebrated 2 birthdays this week!

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